because Nature is everything

I n «Les Escueles de Collía» we are committed to the environment. We think that our small contribution to improve the quality of our surroundings can be important for the conservation of nature.

«» Small details that may seem insignificant but together with many others, can get us to continue to enjoy this wonderful world that we have.»»

The environment also includes the flora and fauna that inhabit these lands, in the meadows around the apartments is not uncommon to see and hear wildlife (deer, foxes, eagles, vultures, puercospines, woodpeckers, sandpipers, and birds raitanes all kinds, etc..) respect these animals is important to continue enjoying them.

We are surrounded by a large sample of «Indigenous Flora», each species has its cycles, in the months of March and April, during the Spring, the wildflowers and trees awaken from hibernation: daisies, hydrangeas, dahlias, oak, cherry , ash, our centenary and limonar Texu … back to life.


..: Ecological garden :..

In our organic garden we use only natural fertilizers (such as compost), do not use any chemical fertilizer, planted vegetables in season, in winter we do a period of rest for the land to regenerate.

The production of our garden is to consume, entirely, with our guests and friends.

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Seasonal vegetables, 100% Natural

– Noviembre 2012: plantamos lechugas, ajos y guisantes (arbeyos en asturiano), zanahorias.

– Abril 2013 : plantamos lechuga rizada, lechuga hoja de roble, brócoli, calabacín.

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Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales

Ubicados en lo alto del pueblo de Collía, franqueados por los Picos de Europa, sierra del Sueve y la mítica peña «La Forcada». Desde los apartamentos parten carreteras a la playa (14km), el Mirador del Fitu (7km) y Picos de Europa (25km)



We are building a nest to put in the trees in the garden, we are also making a bird feeder, you can fatten and abservarlos from the living room window.


In the village of Collía, 500 meters from the apartments, there is a point where you can deposit limpid materials for recycling: paper, packaging and glass.

Separate waste in bags and we will refund your spot clean when you finish your stay.

Les Escueles de Collia - Apartamentos Rurales


Committed to the environment have a composter in our garden, next to the garden, where we transform the majority of organic waste in our kitchens and garden natural fertilizer for plants.

Use our compost bin and contributes to the conservation of nature and landscape.

What is compost?

The compost, or compost, is the product obtained composting. Naturally obtained by aerobic decomposition (oxygen) of organic waste as plant debris, among others.

What wastes are valid?

To create compost can use almost all organic waste:

VALID: kitchen scraps (vegetables, fruit, potato skins and vegetables, pasta, boiled rice, coffee grounds, etc.), the remains of plants and crops (grass, leaves, flowers and small pruning, harvesting rest of the garden ), cardboard and paper without ink colors (sliced​​)

INVALID: leftover meat and fish, bones, bones, feces, oils, dairy. Plastics, glass, batteries, paints, barbecue ashes.

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